Centre Fire/25M Ladies & Junior Pistol Match

25M Center Fire Pistol

25m Centre Fire Pistol is one of the ISSF shooting events and is normally a men-only event.

Other than the calibre used, the Centre Fire event is exactly the same as the 25m Pistol Women, and Men’s Sport Pistol events.

The 25m Centre Fire match is shot with a handgun of any calibre between 7.62 mm (.30”) and 9.65 mm (.38”).  The most popular choices by far are specially designed sport pistols and revolvers in .32 calibre.  Using a revolver is not a disadvantage because there are no speedy series of shots involved.  The name Center-Fire comes from the ignition system of these calibers as opposed to the Rimfire of .22 cartridges.

There is no Final round for the Centre Fire Pistol event.

25M Pistol Women, Junior & Men’s Sport Pistol

Formerly known as Sport Pistol, 25m Pistol women’s event was introduced in the 1960s.  Internationally 25m Pistol is only shot up to and including the Olympics by women, and up to and including the Paralympics by men and women, and by juniors at the World Championships, In Australia the event is also shot by men at many State competitions.

25m Pistol combines both precision and rapid-fire, in two stages each of 30 shots

Distance: 25 metres
Calibre: .22 long rifle rimfire
Minimum trigger pull: 1000g.

Precision Stage

Number of shots/time: 30 shots, in six series of 5 shots, each series is 5 minutes
Precision Stage target: 10 ring of 50 mm diameter, each ring increases by 50 mm

After all competitors have completed the Precision Stage, they then fire the Rapid Fire Stage.

Rapid Fire Stage

Number of shots/time: 30 shots, in six series of 5 shots.
Each series consists of 5 exposures of the target, each exposure is for 3 seconds; the shooter fires one shot per exposure.
Rapid Fire Stage target: 10 ring of 100 mm diameter, each ring increases by 100 mm.


The top 8 contestants having the highest scores progress on to the final, which consists of four additional rapid-fire stage series of 5 shots each.  The final score is added to the qualification score.

In Australia this event is also shot by women at most competitions.


The Targets

These targets are 55cm by 55cm and at a distance of 25m.

precision_nsw25m Rapid Fire Target










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