About Us

The Victorian Amateur Pistol Association

The Association was formed in 1955 to enable Victorian shooters to compete for Australia in the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne.

Since then the Association has grown to 70 clubs with a total membership of over 2000 throughout Victoria. Whether you come from Mildura, Orbost, Portland, Yackandandah, Melbourne or anywhere else, there is a club near you.

Our statement of purpose

  • (a) To organise encourage and control in Victoria the sport of pistol and revolver shooting.
  • (b) To bring into association persons and clubs interested in the art of shooting in all its branches, and in particular pistol and revolver shooting, and to take steps to promote knowledge and skill of the sport in all its forms.
  • (c) To undertake and exercise control of competitions, sporting events, displays and other meetings in connection with pistol and revolver shooting in the State of Victoria and to promote and hold, either alone or jointly with any other association, company, club or person, pistol and revolver competitions, matches, exhibitions and trials and to accept and offer, give or contribute towards prizes, medals, awards and certificates of competency and to promote, give or support lectures, entertainment and other sources of instruction or social activity.
  • (d) To be the central controlling body to which all properly constituted pistol shooting clubs may be affiliated, and when required to do so, to adjudicate on matters affecting either affiliated clubs or their members.

What kind of sport is pistol shooting?

Pistol Shooting is a varied and interesting sport that is currently enjoyed by thousands of people from all walks of life. It is a sport which caters for all levels of participation, ranging from a social afternoon at your local range to the ultimate in competition, the Olympic Games.

Can my family participate?

Yes! Pistol Shooting is a sport in which the whole family can participate. As a family sport it is extremely satisfying to be able to participate with your spouse and children, rather than watching from the sidelines. Age is no barrier, members ages range from 12 to over 80, and each obtains pleasure in his or her own way.

How well do I have to shoot?

One of the great advantages of Pistol Shooting is that the competitions are graded within Australia, and you will be placed in a grade according to your ability, this will enable you to compete against other shooters of a similar skill level. The system caters for all tastes. If you shoot competition as a social activity, that’s fine, if you have the drive, dedication and will to win, then the system can take you all the way to the Olympic Games.


There are a number of basic disciplines including:

  • International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) events.
  • Black Powder events.
  • Metallic Silhouette events.
  • International 1920 Match (Action Pistol) events.
  • Service Pistol events.
  • Practical Pistol.
The 2004 Australian Olympic Pistol Team. Young and not so young, short and tall. Age, sex, and size make no difference in pistol shooting.

The ISSF events provide our athletes with the chance to compete at the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and Oceania Shooting Championships. While our elite Action shooters can represent Australia at the Bianchi Cup and the World Action Championships (every three years). Each year our Metallic Silhouette Shooters compete internationally against the world’s best at regional championships, with World Championships every second year.

The attraction of our sport, as discovered by many “mature athletes” is that pistol shooting provides the opportunity to compete against much younger or older competitors at club, national or international competitions. As a large component of shooting is the ability to mentally focus, physical attributes such as strength or height are not imperative for participation in our sport.

As an example of this, the oldest competitor of all Australian athletes at the 2004 Athens Olympics was a 56 year old pistol shooter, while the youngest member of the pistol team was 22.


Whether you are 12 or 73, short or tall, large or small, able bodied or physically handicapped, you can still participate in Pistol Shooting. Pistol Shooting does not require a great deal of physical activity or strength, nor does it require especially good eyesight, there is no physical contact and the atmosphere, even during a competition, is very friendly.