50 Metre (Free) Pistol

Formerly known as Free Pistol, the 50m Pistol event is shot at all levels of competition up to and including the Olympics and Paralympics using .22 calibre single-shot pistols.

  • Distance: 50 metres
  • Calibre: .22 long rifle rimfire

There is no minimum trigger pull specified for this event.

  • Number of shots/time: 60 competition shots in a total competition time of 2 hours
  • Target: 10 ring of 50mm diameter, each ring increases by 50mm
In this event the pistol may only be loaded with one round of ammunition at a time and must be operated with only one hand, which cannot be supported in any way.  There are practically no rules for the pistol itself, trigger force may be as low as the competitor chooses, the grip may be designed in any way provided it does not give support beyond the wrist, and there are no restrictions on size and weight of the pistol.

The top 8 contestants having the highest scores progress on to the final, which consists of ten shots, each fired within 75 seconds.  The final score is added to the qualification score.

50m Pistol is described as the purest form of precision shooting amongst the pistol events, which has undergone minimal rule changes over the past 75 years.

In Australia the event is also shot by women at most competitions.


The Target

This target is 55cm by 55cm and is at a distance of 50m.


Types of Free Pistols

Rules for RO’s