Free Pistol


One of the oldest matches, the Free Pistol match consists of shooting sixty shots at precision targets, offhand at 50 metres. The 10 ring is 50 mm in diameter. The handguns normally used are long barrelled 0.22 Long Rifle single shots that are exceptionally accurate, and have full wrap around orthopaedic grips, very light set triggers and high precision sights. Scoring well in this match is very difficult if the shooter has not mastered the elements of accurate hand gunning. Almost all clubs have Free Pistol facilities. While presenting the new shooter with a formidable challenge, Free Pistol shooting is an excellent way of learning how to shoot handguns, as there is no time pressure to hurry through the match. 50 metre Pistol is the most mentally demanding matches out there!

Free Pistol 2

A handgun firing a 0.22 calibre rimfire cartridge and being specifically designed for 50 metre precision shooting.